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Mission Wild Bird

Our Mission Wild Bird Building, built in early 2014, is divided into four areas - the Avian Rehabilitation Hospital,  the Administrative Offices, the Gift Shop, and the Visitor Education Center.


The Avian Rehabilitation Hospital is a state-of-the-art facility where staff take in and treat sick, injured, and orphaned native and migratory birds. There is a Birdgency Entrance on the side of the building where the public bring patients and provide us with rescue information. This area, along with the Administrative Offices, is staff-only. Legally and ethically, the public is not allowed to come in contact with our rehabilitation patients because it can be incredibly stressful to them. They are wild animals and we strive to keep them wild while they recover. However, our Visitor Education Center is open to the public and we encourage everyone to come and read about the work that we do! We also have an on-site Gift Shop filled with fun items such as t-shirts, stuffed animals, tote bags, drink tumblers, and much more. You can also access our Gift Shop through this website!

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